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Keenan Dava

[Media Coordinator & Digital Storyteller]
About Secton


story-driven + human-centered

[25 - He/Him/His - Chicago & Minneapolis]

Born in the midwest as the child of Filipino immigrants, I quickly learned the necessity of excellent storytelling, what did I have of where I came from if not the stories passed down to me and the stories I would someday hope to tell others? Stories make and shape the meaning in the world around us, and the quality of our stories reflect that.


In our ever-accelerating contemporary digital landscape, there is an imperative to navigate large and diverse audiences while remaining distinctly human and sincerely personable. Coming from a multi-cultural background, with experience in diverse workplaces and skilled in multiple visual mediums, I aim to meet that need and cultivate engaged communities across audiences by producing quality media and narrative content. 




video, print design, photography, social media, and podcast production

Glen-Ellyn Bible


Summer 2018 - Summer 2019


photo, print design

Arena Theater

TP (13 of 19).jpg

Fall 2017 - Present


video, print design, and photography

Lachaga - Get Loud


Fall 2021


video, print design, and photography

Filipino Minnesotan Association

Spring 2021 - Present


photography and videography

Weddings [various]

Tanner Wedding (412 of 1005).jpg

Fall 2018 - Present

[more work]

misc. work
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