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Heartland Alliance

Social Media Manager // Feb 2022 - Oct 2023

Working within the marketing team, I primarily focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy that serviced the overall marketing goals of HA. Performing a social audit within the first month of employment, I identified both areas of success and opportunities for improvement while benchmarking engagement and followership metrics to moonshot over the fiscal year. As HA's first full-time social media manager, I balanced work between elevating HA’s socials up to industry standards and creating work flows to maintain them. Additionally, I played a key role in supporting HA's end-of-year fundraising and social-first brand awareness campaigns.


By the end of my time with HA, I had successfully grown our online audience by 5,300 users (a 34% growth across platforms) and increased our average post engagement rate from 3% to 6%. 

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